Initial Release Date
Early 2020

Early 2020
Xbox One

Luminawesome Games
Vancouver, BC

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The Game

Possess, jump and think your way through this beautiful 3D puzzle platformer with vivid visuals and quirky characters. Play as Lumote a squishy bio-luminescent creature on a quest to overthrow the Mastermote. Take possession of the Motes and use their abilities to solve a world of puzzles.

Lumote is a game about two opposing powers. Blue power controlled by Lumote and red power controlled by the Mastermote. You play as Lumote in this 3D puzzle platformer with only the ability to jump and possess. Possession allows you to take control of the world's inhabitants, the Motes, and use their abilities. Depending on who's energy controls a Mote their behaviour will either help or hinder Lumote to travel below and take control from the Mastermote.

The world of Lumote is broken into three biomes you will need to gain control of all the towers in a biome before you can descend to the next one. Each tower marks the completion and mastery of a mechanic, and the start of new challenges for you to explore. They will also contain pictographic blocks that will tell the story of the world of the Motes.


Lumote Gameplay Trailer

Lumote Gamplay Walkthrough


Download these screenshots and more in the .zip file!

The Tech

Originally built on the Unreal Engine we've moved away and Lumote is now powered by a ground-up custom game engine called rEngine. The world is built using a unique voxel engine which allows us to quickly craft puzzles with very low resolution voxel grids, while keeping a high level of visual fidelity in the final game. Our goal is to have the flexibility and creative control of a voxel game without looking like a voxel game.

The Team

Located in downtown Vancouver (Canada), Luminawesome is a start-up studio that was formed by Michelle and Kyle Rocha. In 2014, we were one of the winners at the October Unreal Game Jam with their game Bump. We loved the concept and decided to develop it into a full game. Over the past three years the mechanics and visuals have evolved, for the better we hope, and the name changed from Bump to Lumote. We've also added Aaron Arndt and Paul Ruskay to the team and moved away from Unreal to our own engine, rEngine we call it. We managed to get Creative BC funding in 2017 which allowed our whole team to work on Lumote full time, which was the break we needed to really focus on the game. We're finally looking forward to release soon.

Kyle - Programmer/Artist
Kyle's fills the roles of artist and programmer on Lumote. If it glows too much or makes your computer slow, it's probably Kyle's fault. His past work includes Sleeping Dogs and Too Human.

Michelle - Level Designer
Michelle is the brain behind the all puzzles in Lumote. She spends her days furiously crafting the most devious of challenges! Michelle is a mobile hardened developer and is now trying her hand at game development.

Arn - Programmer
Arn is a programmer, he writes lots of code for a very long time. Then checks in every so often... But he generally only breaks like 1 thing at a time. His past dev quests are Nascar, NFS: (Hot Pursuit 2, Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon), Mod Nation Racers, Sleeping Dogs, LittleBigPlanet Karting.

Paul - Audio
Paul is the maker of all beeps, boops, bops and general noise. Lumote is a veritable bouquet of sweet ambient flavours crafted by this mad man. Paul's past work includes the Homeworld franchise and Strike Suit Zero.


Download all the logos/icons as a .zip file! The zip contains many more logos than is shown on this page.

Plushie Lumotes?

If you like to crochet or would like to learn, give our Lumote pattern a try! It's cute, fun and you'll learn a new skill!