Welcome Paul Ruskay!

We would like to welcome a new addition to the team, Paul Ruskay. Paul is a seasoned veteran in the video game audio world, so we’re excited to hear what he does with Lumote.

Paul was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario and was initially studying to become a dentist at Queen’s University, but switched degrees after he managed to convince the Dean of Music to let him into the music program. Then in the early 90’s he moved to Vancouver to attend Music College, and shortly after was swept up in the growing video games industry. Now 22 years later, he’s still producing audio every day and loving every moment of it.

Paul’s initial start came when he was hired on by Radical Entertainment for a short-term contract position, and then subsequently given an audio lead role in 1994. After staying with them for close to five years, he decided to venture out and start his company, Studio X Labs. This premiere full service audio production studio has worked with many top developers and publishers (Disney, EA, Nintendo, THQ, Take2, Activision, Rockstar, Sega, Microsoft), and gone on to win multiple Leo awards. The most memorable project he’s worked on is the original Homeworld (1999), and his top three games to play are Robotron (stand-up, coin-op, only), Super Metroid (SNES) and Half Life 2.

Paul loves producing audio for game worlds, and follows a mantra that involves using his creative intuitions and coming up with unorthodox solutions to create memorable experiences. He’s a true audiophile at heart!