Trial by fire: Marketing

I’ll be the first one to admit we’re not the most savvy at marketing and social media. We prefer putting our heads down and working on the game to self promoting. Which is really one of our downfalls as any dev will tell you that marketing yourself is key to success.

One of the problems I have is recognizing what is noteworthy, I tend to agonize over every tweet and post on whether they’re good enough to post or not. Or I procrastinate writing something in lieu of working on the game saying “we need something more interesting to post about.” This just ends with nothing being posted for weeks.

Recently we found out that Christian Valentin covered us on We would have never known had we not been contacted by nice fellow at Curve Digital who referred to the article in his email. I went back and searched Lumote and realized we missed out on a little pocket of buzz created by the article. This was a missed opportunity and instead of using the articles momentum to reach more people what momentum it had fizzled out within a week of the article.

Marketing is a marathon not a sprint, along with the game we need to keep working on our social presence. Otherwise at the end of this we can have an amazing game that will just end up being thrown into the void.

One of the things we should have done at the beginning was turn on Google Alerts, this was just a rookie mistake on our part. The other thing we’ll need to force ourselves to do it schedule time for social media. We started using HacknPlan (check it out) to help us stay headed straight and hopefully it’ll keep us on target!