First Trailer Released!

We’ve made an enormous amount of progress on Lumote since the Unreal Game Jam in October, and we’re very excited to present our very first gameplay trailer!


Since deciding to turn Lumote into a full project we’ve added two new Luminauts. Arn will be weaving his graphical illusionary magic into the fabric of Lumote, and with 20 years experience we’re sure he can make more than baskets. Dark Arps assumes the role of audio mangler. With 18 years of experience in electronic music production and sound design, he has refined his skills into a dark art-form – click hear. Both have already started working with us on Lumote… in fact, you can see and hear their handy-work in our new trailer!

The world, gameplay mechanics and puzzle designs have progressed a considerable way. You can see some hints of it in the trailer. We’ll post updates as we finalize each element to keep everyone up to date on Lumote’s progress.

Most importantly we’ve set a release window of Fall 2015. All of us at Luminawesome are perfectionists, which is both a blessing and a curse. Setting deadlines ensures that the creative effort we put into Lumote will be something we’ll be proud of.

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