And We’re Back… Again!

We’re alive and with all new stuff to show off to boot!

Since we last posted we’ve done a big overhaul of the game both visually and mechanically.

Visually we’ve replace all of our cubes or at least added living creatures protected by the crystal shells. Lumote especially went through the ringer to break out of its shell and now is hopping through the world in all its glowing glory.

Step 1) Make a Cube

Step 2) Make the rest of the Game

For gameplay we’ve added more emphasis on the possession mechanic and made the struggle between Lumote and the Mastermote a more central part of the game. Instead of facing the Mastermote at the end you’re now confronted with the it’s power in the first world and each mote can be possessed by either Lumote or the Mastermote which will determine how they behave.

There’s still a lot of work to do and we want to keep refining everything, but thought it best to come out of the cave and show everyone what we’ve been up to.