Lumote is going to PAX!

We’ll be at PAX West demoing Lumote in the Indie MEGABOOTH on Sunday, Sept 2nd and Monday, Sept 3rd. Come by, say hello, try the game, tell us a joke and get some free stuff! We also have our Steam page up so don’t forget to follow and add Lumote to your wishlist!

Modularizing Lumote Part 2: Reassembly

So in Modularizing Lumote Part 1 I covered our reasoning as to why we decided to break the world down into smaller pieces. In part 2, I’m going to cover what the breakdown looked like how the world assembly system works. Breakdown As was discussed in the previous post, we had a bunch of world and wanted to break it down into single rooms that could be easily snapped together and re-arranged to adjust the pacing and difficulty of the game.

And We’re Back… Again!

We’re alive and with all new stuff to show off to boot! Since we last posted we’ve done a big overhaul of the game both visually and mechanically. Visually we’ve replace all of our cubes or at least added living creatures protected by the crystal shells. Lumote especially went through the ringer to break out of its shell and now is hopping through the world in all its glowing glory.

For the love of Lumote, getting back up when you don’t succeed   As you may have seen we’ve gotten funding from Creative BC, huzzah! You probably also notice that the time between our this post and our last one is almost a year old. The truth is we derailed for a while, last summer we submitted to be part of the Indie Megabooth at PAX and failed. It was pretty demoralizing. After Pax, we went through a moment that I think all Indies go through where they wonder if they’re ever going to finish.

Welcome Paul Ruskay!

We would like to welcome a new addition to the team, Paul Ruskay. Paul is a seasoned veteran in the video game audio world, so we’re excited to hear what he does with Lumote. Paul was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario and was initially studying to become a dentist at Queen’s University, but switched degrees after he managed to convince the Dean of Music to let him into the music program.